Welcome to Plague Products

    Welcome to Plague Products, where excellence is nothing but the standard. We take time developing every product we put out into the public, with the publics requests always in mind. We aren't in just for the money, we're looking to build up a name for ourselves in the community as a trusted supplier for things like VPNs, crypto-currency miners, and so on. We hope you choose, and if you do, and you're satisfied, please do tell a friend. If you aren't, please tell us how we can improve, we have the utmost respect for our customers input.

Welcome to Plague Products, enjoy your stay.

Check out our Brand New Products!

    We've just released our brand new VPN, and with 4 locations to-come. We are supporting portforwarding aswell. The prices are dirt-cheap at the moment so get it while the prices are still low. We are currently in development of a miner, which will be released soon. Other things you can expect from us in the near future include, but aren't limited to, a stresser, crypter, RAT, and many more! To keep up to date go ahead and bookmark us!